Author: David Wallace

How Smartphones Have Transformed the Gaming Market

Everyone craves to keep their smartphone with them all the time, and without it, one feels incomplete. Can you relate to that feeling when you’ve forgotten to carry your phone with you when going out? At worst it’s daunting, at best it’s unpleasant. Smartphones have become part and parcel of modern life as they’re used in myriad daily tasks including browsing the internet, checking emails, watching videos, listening to music, interacting with the rest of the world on social media sites, recording memorable moments through photos, text messaging as well as their intended basic use of making and receiving...

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A Look into the New Samsung Galaxy Book

  Launched just February 2017, the new Samsung Galaxy Book is a Windows-powered tablet-and-laptop hybrid. It comes in two versions: the Samsung Galaxy Book 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Book 12. Samsung Galaxy Book 10 Specifications: Screen size: 6 inch Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Processor: 6GHz Dual Core; Make: Intel Core m3 Internal storage: 64 GB Expandable storage: MicroSD slot up to 256 GB RAM: 4 GB Battery: 6,000 mAh (up to 10 hours battery life) with fast charging Camera: 0 MP front camera; No rear camera Operating System: Windows 10 Connectivity: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Book 12...

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Which Tablet Should You Buy this 2017?

If you’re getting a tablet this 2017, it’s imperative that you take a look into the best tablets list by majority of the tech and gadget blogs and magazines because there’s a reason why it came highly recommended. There are many factors that come into play in the list of best tablets this 2017 – performance, resolution, screen size, battery life, storage capacity, upgrades, price. A balance of all these factors should ensure that you get good value for your money’s worth. Here are the top tablet choices this 2017 in no particular order: Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch Specs:...

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Why was the Vivaldi Tablet Canceled?

The Vivaldi tablet, which was Spark tablet originally, was conceptualized in January, 2012. It would have been the first hardware to run on the Plasma Active environment. A marked development of a tablet that uses an open source software, it held much promise. However, in July of 2014, after running into countless delays and challenges, the project was officially terminated. But why was Vivaldi canceled? Vivaldi was included in Plasma Active’s initial release, and while there were a lot of favorable responses from various vendors, nobody wanted to take the first leap to roll out an unknown tablet device. To compensate for this, Aaron Seigo created MakePlayLive, a coop company that will manufacture and produce Vivaldi as well as other hardware products. MakePlayLive began the long process of exploring and trying off-the-shelf devices that originated from Asian companies, until they found a manufacturer. The first problem came though when the manufacturer wanted to take bulk orders, that ranging in the six figures. MakePlayLive then searched for another manufacturer. While it found one, problem after problem mounted – from the manufacturer’s release of a new device to its refusal to issue the kernel code as a free license. MakePlayLive then moved on to another manufacturer. It was in December, 2013 when MakePlayLive found QiMOD, a UK company which specializes in open hardware. This is where things started to spiral downward. According...

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