Everyone craves to keep their smartphone with them all the time, and without it, one feels incomplete. Can you relate to that feeling when you’ve forgotten to carry your phone with you when going out? At worst it’s daunting, at best it’s unpleasant. Smartphones have become part and parcel of modern life as they’re used in myriad daily tasks including browsing the internet, checking emails, watching videos, listening to music, interacting with the rest of the world on social media sites, recording memorable moments through photos, text messaging as well as their intended basic use of making and receiving phone calls. With all these tasks being fulfilled by a single pocket-friendly gadget, it is little wonder that smartphones are outselling desktops and personal computers. Additionally, the rapidly growing world of mobile money and mobile banking has meant that smartphones are duly replacing wallets.

The shift to mobile casinos

With everything seemingly shifting from the desktop to smartphones and tablets, the gaming market is not left behind. Presently, almost every casino gaming platform comes with a mobile capability to allow playing on the go. More and more players are delighted to play on smartphones since these devices now have greater processing power, bigger screen sizes with better resolution, longer lasting battery life as well as superior networking speeds. Indeed, the performance of current smartphones exceeds that of the traditional desktop. For instance, a basic desktop or even laptop can be powered by a processor clocking 1.8 GHz, a ddr3 ram and HD monitor display. In comparison, it is common for the ubiquitous Android smartphones to have at least a 2.5 GHz processor, ddr4 ram and a 2K display.

The exponential growth of mobile gaming

In 2015, mobile gaming generated $29 billion. This figure is expected to grow exponentially to surpass the $45 billion mark in 2018. These numbers are mere estimates that can be a bit off since they may not comprise the entire spectrum of real money mobile gaming. The high smartphone penetration as well its vastly improved performance has coincided with the mushrooming of operators (who number millions across the world) in the entertainment industry, and they all use the mobile platform. With the numerous mobile gaming operators, the options for online casino lists are endless. This means that players have the freedom of choice when betting, getting entertained and seizing their chances of winning real money.

Free spins

Many online casinos attract new players by offering mobile casino free spins and or a no deposit bonus. These are free play credits provided to new slot players for signing up. Players are encouraged to grab the free spins since they allow them to evaluate how the casino performance on mobile and aid in deciding to stake real money.

Have we hit the peak of mobile gaming?

Although smartphones have become more widespread than ever before, they’re yet to penetrate to every corner of the world. At least 50% of residents in countries such as the United States and Australia are smartphone users. The penetration is much lesser in other major world markets like Russia and Brazil. Tapping these new markets will take the delight of mobile casino gaming to new players and glue them to their smartphones.